How to get a professional website fast and with less cost

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WordPress is a powerful and affordable platform for creating web sites that makes it easier for a company to get a professional web site launched quickly and at lower cost. Millions of web sites around the world use WordPress, with some estimates of as much as 30% of all web sites. From large enterprise web sites like The New York Times and Sony Music to small business websites like yours.

WordPress is flexible, well-designed and scalable through thousands of web site designs and plug-ins. Users can find a wide variety of interactive features and tools to meet most needs.

WordPress sites are affordable. While basic WordPress is available for free, additional features and customization requires additional costs and expertise to manage and maintain. Yet it is still less expensive than hiring web developers to create a site from scratch.

Not having to hire web developers to build your site the ground up also means you can launch and update your site more quickly. Spend your time on growing your business, not managing code. 

Choose from thousands of web site design templates, making it fast and easy to get started without designing and coding a completely new web site. WordPress designs are also responsive, meaning your site and its content adapt to look good on a user’s smartphone screen or a large desktop. And WordPress code is open source, meaning that it’s accessible, high-performing and benefits from innovation.

WordPress administration tools are easy to understand and use. You can take over the administration and updating of your web site without needing a degree in computer science—or let us handle those tasks for you after your site is launched.

WordPress started as a blogging tool, and expanded to become a robust web content management service. It’s easy to add blogs or articles to your site with built-in blogging tools. Blog content is an excellent way to boost how search engines—and customers—find you, learn about your business and how you help their needs. It’s also a great way to keep your customers informed and loyal.

In all, ease of use, flexibility, a robust universe of designs and tools all make WordPress a great solution for small business owners that want to get online to engage with customers and prospects.

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